Meet Dina Zuanich

I am a midwest transplant, graduate of the University of Kansas, who arrived in San Diego in search of new places, new people and new adventures. I had the great fortune to stumble into an unexpected career by going to work for a small, but productive design firm. I took the opportunity to learn and explore exterior color concepts, materials and architecture and developed an expertise during my 20 years with the firm.

Initially the projects were predominantly housing, but that quickly grew to include hospitality, retail, mixed-use, high-rises, institutional and master plan communities. With that evolution also came a more extensive knowledge of the materials and finishes used in the industry due to the variety of building types.

The benefits of a small studio are numerous, but I found it’s greatest strength was the collaborative nature that was required to process the volume of projects that we produced. The exposure to so many talented architects, designers and business minds was indispensable and the insights and knowledge that I was able to observe and learn from was immeasurable.

I am now heading up my own studio utilizing the skills I have developed over the past 20 years. I can help facilitate your vision, while finding the right design concept for each project ideally as a collaboration of insights, each contributing it’s unique value. My goal is to arrive at a solution that best represents all involved from the architect, craftsman, designer and most importantly the client.