My Approach

The niche expertise of exterior color consultation is a relatively new concept. However, the finessing of colors, materials and finishes is not. Unlike an architect, I have been able to focus exclusively on the exterior surface aesthetics and that narrowed scope has helped me to identify what is most successful on the different surfaces, environments and architecture. So many factors can play a role in what is successful from one building to another and from one site to another. My extensive experience in the industry collaborating on hundreds of projects over the years has granted me a unique perspective enabling me to recognize these differences, and come up with solutions that not only enhance the buildings, but also represent the vision of all involved.

There are a couple of different approaches to selecting color and finishes for any building and my services vary based upon the needs of the project. Many times the design concepts are almost fully developed and I am brought in to refine the material palette and help execute them to fully reflect the architect’s or developer’s vision. The consultation would typically consist of specific recommendation for things such as walls, trims, windows, brick colors, plaster finish, roof guidelines or specific stone blends, etc.

Another approach for consultation is one that takes a broader scope for clients who are looking for someone to bring a new idea and perspective to a project while the design is still in it’s infancy. Consultation on these types of projects is to furnish some fresh ideas that feel innovative, creative and most importantly attractive along with flushing out the material and color selections at the design development phase.

Lastly, another avenue for consultation addresses the materials themselves by working with manufacturers to develop products or the refinement of existing product lines to correspond with market trends and architectural needs in the building industry. This aspect of my work enables me to keep abreast of some of the newest innovations in manufacturing which has created a greater understanding of what is available and viable in construction materials for the varying needs of a project.